Landon Craig..

Where do I begin? If you know Landon, you know exactly what I mean. Landon is exceptional. I asked his older brother Tracy, who is one of my best friends, "how do I even start?" In our love of Sophia from the Golden Girls his response was, "Picture it, Carteret General. Born April 5th at 3:40AM weighing 8lbs 5 oz and 21" long."

The African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" is the only way I know to illustrate Landon's childhood. At a young age, Landon's Dad (Billy) started bringing him to my parents home to hang out with my Dad. (My Dad is a retired engineer from Civil Service and builds boats full time now.) Landon's love of boats was and still is fierce. Landon has spent many hours in the garage with Daddy learning and watching him build boats, work on cars or just hang out. In so many ways, Landon is like my baby brother.

At the age around 5 or 6, Landon started making boats the size of matchbox cars to sell on Waterfowl Weekend. He sold out within hours. From there, and even before, Landon made a name for himself. Everyone had to have one of his little boats! I know I said it above but he really is exceptional. He has dedicated his youth to the community, preserving his heritage and serving others willingly. All while excelling in academics. Landon is a member of the Beta Club, honored as part of Who's Who 2020 and a recipient of the Mariner Award all four years. In addition to his normal honors course load at East, Landon received his certification in Marine Propulsion by taking night classes at the local community college. Not to mention, he has worked full time either helping his teacher, Zack Davis, finish his trawler (Addie + Dallas) or welding for a local boat builder, Mr. Ted. He thrives on community involvement and engaging young minds in the things and people he loves most. His community is his biggest cheerleader because we've all grown to know and love Landon. I can say confidently as a whole, we are so proud of him and are excited to watch him navigate the next step in his life.

Landon is one of the hardest working 18 year olds I know. In the fall, he will begin the NCSU 2+2 program through Craven Community College to earn his degree in engineering. He will excel in anything he puts his mind to and I know this is only the beginning to a life of accomplishments for him.

"Landy Lou" - I love you and I am so proud of who you are and who you are yet to be!

I hope you smile through the preview of images from his senior session we did over on the Banks. I also added a few snap shots of him in his younger years with Daddy.

PS - next time you see him, ask about Chicken George