A long time coming..

I finally did it! I finally started, finished, and published a website. It only took 10 glorious years. Up until late 2018, I worked a 9 to 5 job in addition to full time photography. Time was limited. I dedicated every second to my clients, shooting and editing. But, that got me where I am today and I wouldn't change this process one bit.

How did it begin? I've always had an interest in taking pictures and playing with cameras as a kid. I somehow convinced Daddy to buy me a brand new champagne colored Yaschica Zoomate 70 that sat in the glass case at K-Mart. I still have it! Fast forward to college, part of my Graphic Design curriculum was a black & white photography class. That's when things really blossomed for me. I so enjoyed our projects, developing in the dark room and learning the mechanics of a 35mm body. In my design courses, I learned the ropes of Photoshop that helped leap me into the digital world. I bought my first DSLR the summer between my junior and senior year of college on eBay. A Nikon D80. I still have that one, too. (Yes, I'm a hoarder.) Taking pictures here and there of friends and families led me to hired jobs. Soon after graduation and moving home from Raleigh, I really dove into seeing what I could make of myself being a photographer.

10 years later, I am capturing once in a lifetime moments to last for forever. I am averaging roughly 15 weddings per year in the midst of life's other special occasions. I am beyond grateful for the trust and support my clients have continuously given me. I would not be anywhere near where I am today without it. I wouldn't have some of the most treasured friendships I have today without this journey too. That is the best part of my job!

I did a poll on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago to see what you guys were wondering. I've answered a few below! Be sure to follow me @sarahkphotognc for a glimpse of my life!


Photo Credit: Cynthia Rose Photography | Cindy & Victor Cano

What's your favorite thing to shoot?

As far as weddings, first looks. Whether it be a Daddy & Daughter or Bride & Groom. Nothing can beat those reactions and moments before showtime. In the lifestyle world, fresh 48's are my favorite. A brand new baby with its Mama & Daddy are all the feels.

Favorite Travel Destination?

I have really loved everywhere I've been for different reasons. I hope in the next few years, I can check off a few more on my bucket list. If I had the chance right now, I'd love to visit Italy, Greece & Spain (Internationally) and Waco, Texas (stateside).

Other than people and Annie, what are you favorite things to photograph?

Sunsets! Especially in the fall. The colors, contrast and vibrancy they illustrate makes me so happy.

What are you passionate about?

Capturing the smallest of moments, in addition to the big ones too. When my client receives their gallery, I want their reactions to be surprised (in a good way!) that I discretely captured something really special, candid and meaningful to them.